Founded in 1965

Established in 1965, WCM has over 100 years of industry experience between our team of experts. Beginning as a small business, we have grown to become a global pioneer in wire mesh. We are built on the belief that no customer, or order, is too small to be important.  

the late 90'S

In the late 1990’s our reputation as a leader in the industrial wire cloth industry led us to expand our horizon into the commercial and agricultural product line. Our products include galvanized welded wire, PVC coated welded wire, hardware cloth, hex netting, PVC coated hex netting, a wide range of lawn and garden products, and more!


WCM saw an opportunity to expand our operations and fill a niche in the industry. That’s when our weaving and welding business began. By introducing state-of-the-art machinery, we established ourselves as one of North America’s premier weaving and welding operations. Utilizing precise detail and care in every job, our woven and welded products are made to the highest quality.

the early 2020's

After 57 years family operated and owned, WCM is now part of Gerard Daniel Worldwide. Joining the largest family of wire cloth companies in North America. This acquisition allows for our capabilities to be even more diversified while also giving us the resources to support every customer with the care they deserve. 

WCM expands their operations

In the 90’s Wire Cloth Manufacturers (WCM) had moved into three new locations across the United States. Now with locations in Texas, Florida & Oklahoma our reach has expanded to better service our growing customer base.


April 2023 Wire Cloth Manufacturers (WCM) is acquired by Gerard Daniel Worldwide making the largest wire cloth manufacturer in North America. Gerard Daniel Worldwide has been an industry leader for over 70 years and with locations in Pennsylvania, Tennessee, California, Canada & Europe and now; WCM can be added to their portfolio. A combination of their extensive background and WCM’s compliments one another making the perfect source for wire mesh.

A world map marking all the wire cloth man locations

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