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About Galvanized Steel Wire Mesh

Galvanized wire mesh is a unique material in application in which the steel is coated with a protective zinc coating. The material is dipped or submerged in a bath of hot zinc. The zinc coating prevents rusting; it gives the galvanized wire mesh durability and long-lasting use; it takes acidity to break it down. The zinc coating for galvanized mesh can be applied before or after the mesh is welded or woven together. This determines just how durable the mesh itself will be. Regardless of whether the product is welded or woven, the product becomes stronger when it is galvanized after the mesh is made. This is because the cross section of the wires occurs prior to the galvanization process. On galvanized after welded, the zinc covers the weld marks at the point of intersection, giving the material a shinny finish. When the material is woven, the galvanization process bonds the woven mesh locking the wires in place. When the galvanized is applied to the wire before the welding or weaving process, it is known as “galvanized before”. During the welding process, the extreme heat burns off some of the zinc coating that has been applied, leaving the cross section of the wires slightly burnt. Rust spots may develop at these intersections once the material is exposed to atmospheric elements. WIRE CLOTH MANufacturers carries the largest inventory of galvanized wire mesh in the country. With tens of thousands of rolls readily available in stock throughout various locations, WIRE CLOTH MAN has the capacity to help you with any and all of your wire mesh needs.

rolls of galvanzied steel wire mesh on a pallet
rolls of galvanzied steel wire mesh on a pallet
galvanized steel sheet on welding machine

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