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About Nickel Wire Mesh

Nickel woven wire mesh is manufactured from nickel wire with high purity not less than 99%.  Nickel wire mesh is a widely popular type of material used across a variety of industries and applications.  Highly corrosion-resistant and oxidation-resistant, nickel wire mesh is a versatile material that works well in the face of many different environments. Great in both air and water, this material can be used for filtration in industries including mining, oil and gas, chemical, food, pharmaceutical, machine, building and construction, electronics and battery production. Nickel wire mesh has the ability to withstand exceptionally high temperatures, making it the ideal choice for operating temperatures up to and over 600 degrees Fahrenheit with a melting point of 1455 degrees Celsius. Nickel wire mesh has high electrical and thermal conductivity and it is a magnetic metal. Beyond its basic uses, nickel wire mesh can be woven into many different screens depending on the industry and use.  For whatever application you choose, nickel wire mesh is a reliable material that will last for years.  
Nickel Mesh up close

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