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Copper Wire Mesh

Copper is a commonly used metal that is useful for many different functions. With excellent thermal and electrical conductivity, non-magnetic properties, impressive ductility, strong wear resistance and the ability to transfer heat fast, copper seems to do it all. Its high tensile strength is eight times better than most other metals, making this superiorly finished, excellent quality metal in high demand.

Frequently used for both industrial and residential purposes, copper wire mesh is exceptionally versatile. It has low thermal expansion, making it ideal for fire safety and as insulation for buildings of all sizes to mute noise. Industrial applications for copper wire mesh include using at as shielding screen for cable circuits, laboratories and computer rooms. In addition to the aforementioned uses, copper is also great for the power automation sector, the aerospace industry, in military for RFI and EMI shielding, and for Faraday Cages. It can be made into filter discs for liquid, gas and solid filtering. In households and residential spaces, woven copper wire mesh is often used for home improvement projects including renovating gutter guards, replacing fireplace screens, and even adding unique home décor with wall panels.

Designers and builders alike enjoy working with copper wire mesh because of its malleability. This material holds up well in a wide range of environments and atmospheres, making it great for everything from HVAC to roofing to energy storage. Corrosion-resistant, flexible, and with high electrical conductivity, copper wire mesh is your all-in-one solution to your home improvement needs.

Roll of copper wire mesh
Copper wire mesh up close

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