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About Monel Wire Mesh

Monel wire mesh is a nickel-based allow comprised of 67% nickel, 28% copper, and 5% other elements. Sometimes referred to as Super Alloy Monel, Monel wire mesh is best known for its exceptional resistance to corrosion. It is because of this property that Monel is routinely used in naval shipyards, marine technologies, and related industries that encounter flowing sea water applications.  Strong and durable, Monel wire mesh maintains its structure despite exposure to brine, alcohol, sulphuric acid, gaseous substances, and in both highly acidic and alkaline environments. This material features a high tensile strength but has a low annealed condition, giving it great weldability and the ability to maintain its mechanical properties at subzero temperatures. In instances that require hardening Monel 400, Monel uses cold-working to facilitate the mechanical stress required to reshape the metal.  A strong substitute for other traditional metals, Monel performs better than copper at resisting oxidizing conditions and is more effective than nickel under reducing conditions. While the metal is more expensive per unit than stainless steel, Monel’s longevity makes it a cost-effective alternative. In addition to the aforementioned industries, Monel is also popular in the aerospace, chemical, and hydrocarbon industries for processing equipment and for use with valves, pumps, shafts, and fittings. It is often used in marine and chemical environments because it is corrosion resistant.
monel wire mesh close up
roll of monel wire mesh

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