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Aluminum Wire Mesh

Aluminum Wire Mesh is a shiny, soft, but durable alloy. The luster of Aluminum resembles Stainless Steel but is less expensive. It is lighter than other alloys, such as Stainless Steel, Steel, Copper, and Brass. Aluminum wire mesh is suitable for many applications because it is corrosion resistant to atmospheric and marine atmospheres, nontoxic, has electrical conductivity, scratch resistance, durable, it can withstand very low temperatures, and is easy to fabricate with. Aluminum wire mesh can be woven with very large openings and heavier wire diameters for many usages such as architectural applications and infill panels. Aluminum wire mesh can also be woven as a fine mesh which is very bright and has many usages; filtration, aerospace, automotive, window screens, insect screens; and many more. Aluminum can also be powder coated for aesthetic application or durability. It is the most perfect alloy for so many applications.

Aluminum wire mesh

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