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Plain Steel Wire Mesh

Plain Steel wire mesh, also referred to as Carbon Steel wire mesh, is one of the most frequently used wire mesh alloys. Plain Steel wire mesh offers a high tensile strength and is known for its durability. It is mostly made of iron along with a small amount of carbon. Plain Steel is often manufactured in both woven and welded applications. It is ideal for screens, oil strainers, filtration discs, infill panels, window guards, equipment guards, and caging/enclosures.


Plain Steel wire mesh can be purchased in various specifications. We offer many diameters, thicknesses, and finishes to choose from. We’re happy to help our customers get the wire mesh you need to meet your specific project requirements. Plain Steel wire mesh is used in many industries including agriculture, building and construction, ceramics, food processing and more.

Plain carbon steel close up
Plain carbon steel top view close up
plain steel mesh

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